Used Guns for Sale

Used Guns

Ruger Mark l, 22 LR Super Nice $350.00

World War I, Eddystone P-14 chambered in 303. Really nice condition, bright shiny
bore. $650.00

World War II, US Issued Underwood M1 Carbine, all Underwood except, safety, mag
release & bayonet lug. Really Nice. $1,200.00

World War II, US Issued Inland (General Motors Div.) M1 Carbine, this carbine is all
Inland. Really Nice $1,100.00

World War II Remington Rand 1911, 1943 GI Issue, 95% or more original finish, 3
original General Shaver Magazines. Really Special $2,500.00

P-64 Makarov Polish Military and Police issue, these guns are in excellent condition
and come with holster and extra magazine.

Remington 1100, 12 Gauge 28″ Mod with ventilated rib. $385.00.

Remington 870, 20 Gauge, Laminated Wood Stock . Never fired in original box. $330.00

Ruger 10/22 Walnut Deluxe with stainless barrel, Tasco scope, sling and extra 25
round mag. $325.00 This rifle was made prior to trigger group being made of plastic.